How to design an industrial or business zone?

The challenge

  • Make the zone accessible and pleasant for private services and people coming to work
  • Guide incoming and outgoing flows
  • Regulate the speed
  • Make the zone accessible to persons with reduced mobility

The LACROIX City solution

Set up marking and signage plan

  • Zone advance warning signs

Install directional signs to lead visitors to the zone.

Choose the Dx3® range: triple-edge non-aggressive section, sturdy aluminium-zinc design, different styles and custom options.

Dx3® First
  • Mark out the entrance to the zone

Using an Etoile® totem, visible sturdy street furniture.

Etoile® Totem

Help visitors find their way

  • Install a map at an information point

LACROIX City Service Information Relays or multimedia terminals help visitors find their way in the industrial zone.


To discover our SIRs and terminals, contact us

Marking and signing the zone

  • Install signage equipment

To help visitors find their way, LACROIX City recommends Etoile® twin-masts (on roundabouts where visibility at vehicle height is good) and Etoile® single-masts (in the zone, at a higher level so as not to be obstructed by vehicles).


Etoile®Elégance single mastEtoile® Evolution twin-mast


  • Install street signs

Profit from LACROIX City's long-standing know-how to install street name plates and numbers in enamel or aluminium.

See our ranges of street name plates and numbers

Control speed within the industrial zone

  • Install speed slowing systems

LACROIX City speed cushions, roundabouts, chicanes, etc. are all possible solutions. 

See all the speed control solutions.


Speed cushion

Make the zone safe for visitors

  • Install posts and barriers to separate pedestrian from vehicle traffic

For elegant and coordinated street furniture, choose Esplanade or Harmonie posts and barriers! 


Esplanade postHarmonie barrier

Making the zone accessible

  • For public transport

Mark out a bus stop with pole, waiting point or bus shelter. Add dedicated road marking with specific police traffic signs and a pedestrian crossing.

See our bus stop design solutions


  • For persons with reduced mobility

Comply with accessibility laws by installing visually contrasted posts and providing disabled car park spaces and pedestrian crossings.

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Make the zone pleasant for workers

  • Equip the zone with green spaces and rest areas

Rest areas can be equipped with picnic tables, benches, floral installations, etc.