How to make a worksite safe?

A worksite area can be dangerous due to the presence of worksite personnel and vehicles, degraded roads, and difficult traffic conditions. For motorists, road works are bothersome, they disrupt driving habits and disturb usual traffic conditions. Hence it is important to be extra vigilant in terms of worksite safety.



The challenge

  • Manage worksite hazards, protect personnel day and night.
  • Educate motorists to understand the disruption and reduce the risk of accidents.
  • Control your costs thanks to investment savings.

The LACROIX City solution

Indicate the hazard and temporary traffic rules

  • Install regulatory temporary signs

    By using our Enduro®+ steel range and our Colorado aluminium range, you are choosing safety.

    LACROIX City temporary signs are extremely stable and among the lightest on the market, two essential features to ensure that they are easy to move with no risk of injury.

    In France, as from 1 January 2014,only temporary signs certified NF are authorized on public roads.

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    Enduro®+ sign
    Colorado range, contact us


  • Visibility of temporary signs

    To ensure the optimum visibility of your temporary signs day and night, LACROIX City recommends class 2 retro-reflectivity and illuminated advance warning equipment to reinforce the visibility of the hazard.

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  • Install alternating circulation

    Easy to carry, move and program, reliable and highly visible, the Millénium+ worksite traffic lights let you install efficient and compelling alternating circulation around your fixed worksites. The down-counter ensures optimum safety: it counts down the waiting time and reduces the temptation to jump the red light.



    Millénium+ worksite traffic lights

Warn and educate motorists near the worksite zone

  • Install customized information signs

    Thanks to TVC® (Texto Village Chantier), you can communicate at the right time and place. By keeping motorists informed about your actions, you'll find they are more accepting of the disruptions.






  • Installation of radar speed signs

    Métis® radar speed sign on mobile supports inform motorists of the current speed limit and their own speed.


    Métis® 1000 radar speed sign


Protect worksite personnel

  • Warn of their presence and physically mark out the boundary between the worksite and the traffic lanes using separators.

    Several LACROIX products can be used to mark out and separate worksite zones, from the most mobile solution to the most robust solution, according to your mobility needs. Discover the weighted flexible cone: it stays upright, whatever happens, and is still highly mobile. The K16 Berlingot is stable, dissuasive and sturdy.



    Monobloc weighted cone
    K16 Berlingo


  • Reduce the direct exposure time to cars thanks to speedy installation of your worksite satefy equipment.


    K5d Sentinelle® bollard


For long-term worksites, choose modular solutions

For multiple phase worksites, LACROIX offers scalable solutions: blanking piece, distance discs, blanking flaps, movable arrows, removable plates and decoration on peelable film.

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