Tegis Lighting Plus 24/7 Control unit

Extension to the management of the street lighting electrical grid used 24/7, from the remote management offer to the Tegis Lighting cabinet, the Tegis Lighting Plus 24/7 control unit enables the monitoring and dimming of each light point.

The Tegis Lighting Plus 24/7 control unit, combined with the PLC extension module and the 24/7 remote management nodes, allows each light point to be controlled, monitored and managed (dimming or switching off) and each third-party service (on/off) to be managed across a street lighting grid powered 24/7.

It offers connected control with three independent astronomical clock outputs.

It is equipped with seven monitoring inputs for comprehensive real-time information about the status of the street lighting cabinet.

Connected to a digital electricity meter, energy consumption is fed back to the LX Connect Street Lighting online platform through the control unit.


Tegis Lighting Plus CENTRAL CONTROL
  • Scalable for transforming the street lighting network into a permanent power grid simply and without any civil engineering, according to municipalities’ needs for third-party service connections.
  • Easy to implement, for connected management up to the light point and to the third-party service.
  • Easy to deploy, with central control or as astronomical clock control.
  • Removable SD card and fuses for easy maintenance.
  • Scalable to incorporate new uses, the control box is ready to support new functions (adjusting lighting based on traffic, etc.).

Technical specifications

Technical Specifications:

  • Casing: IP2X
  • Matériel : Polycarbonate
  • Dimensions (HxLxP) – in mm: 112 x 160 x 62,
    equivalent to 9 modules
  • Removable connectors
  • SD card reader, to store the control unit settings
  • 3 relay outputs (astronomical clocks)
  • Number of monitoring inputs: 17 inouts TOR

Electrical specifications:

  • Operation voltage: 160V-265VVAC / 50-60 Hz
  • Electric class: Class II
  • Removable fuse T2A-H-250V

Installation :

  • In cabinet
  • Standard fixation: DIN 35 rail
  • Operation temperatures: from -25°C to +50°C

Communication :

  • Integrated modem: GSM/GPRS
  • Ethernet connection
  • USB connection for onsite settings

Norms and Certifications:

  • Product norms:
    • EN 60950-1
    • EN 61000-2 / 61000-3
    • EN 55032
    • EN 55024
    • EN 301-3 / 301-7 / 301-24 / 301-489 / 301-511 / 301-908
    • EN 300-440
  • EC certifications (2014/35/UE ; 2014/30/UE ; 2011/65/UE)

Environmental protection

Energy saving certificatest-Sogexi

Eligible for Energy saving Certificates:

> 17,500 kWh cumac x N (number of astronomical clocks)
Astronomical clock for street lighting.

Environmentally friendly design product:

Control unit is 4 times more compact and twice as light as the previous version,
reducing the environmental impact of the production at the end of life.
Lower consumption: 2.5 W.
Compact packaging, made only from cardboard, to facilitate recycling.