Tegis Lighting Plus 24/7 LX Connect Online platform

The LX Connect online interface for Tegis Lighting Plus 24/7 is the real-time connected management tool for the cabinet, light points and third-party services in a permanently powered public lighting grid.

It gives access to the control configuration, monitoring, consumption reporting and installation analysis, from the cabinet to the light points and associated third-party services.

Each light point monitored can be controlled through dimming scenarios, regardless of the technology used (HPS, LED, etc.), using the intuitive interface.

Each third-party service can be controlled through on/off scenarios based on predefined time slots using the intuitive interface.

The electricity consumption of the light points and third-party services can be accessed via the LX Connect platform. Consumption measurements are available both instantaneously, through a real-time query of each light point and each third-party service, and also through daily index reporting.

Using mapping with Google Maps, the operational status of cabinets, light points and third-party services is available in real time.


Tegis Lighting Plus CENTRAL CONTROL
  • Intuitive and user-friendly, the LX Connect platform allows each light point and third-party service to be monitored and managed in real time.
  • Secure and unlimited 24/7 access.
  • Systematically updated with the latest features.
  • An operational performance summary of the cabinet and light points enables optimised management of street lighting assets.
  • Solution that is scalable to new uses (adjusting lighting based on traffic, etc.), the smart city of the future is being built today.