Reverso® Stop Post

reverso stop posts

For changing, installing or removing transport lines and resisting urban collisions, etc., the REVERSO®stop post is adjustable and sustainably adapts to network developments.


Simple and Economical:

  • Information can be updated quickly on the stop head and timetable frame, as the display brackets can be detached from the runners, with no tools necessary
  • Single-or double-sided convertible timetable frame and display surface that can be easily changed
  • Easy maintenance without tools: independently detachable pieces (faces, window pane, display sheet, etc.)

Practical and Robust:

  • Head can be adjusted 90° on-site, for optimal adaptation to the transport stop’s configuration
  • Sign faces that are not in use can be storedusing the two rails located inside the stop head
  • Tamper-proof locking system without lock
  • Robust materials: steel post, aluminium casing, shock-proof PMMA timetable frame, thickness 3mm, zone-3 wind resistance

Integrates Into the Environment:

  • Aesthetics: refined lines and classic shapes allowing easy integration alongside existing street furniture
  • The post adapts to your network’s identity: the colour of the window, stop head and mast can be customised
  • No superfluous civil engineering: the REVERSO® post can be adapted to existing structures via a universal connector board, designed for all users, complying with thoroughfare accessibility regulations for persons with reduced mobility


  • Stop head: overall dimensions 549 × 538mm, two display sheets in pre-lacquered steel, thickness 0.75mm
  • Post: aluminium surround Ø 76mm surrounding one steel tube, 40 × 40mm across, thickness 3mm
  • Lacquer coating available from the LACROIX HR colour chart
  • Customisable design theme, digitally printed on NR film Mounting
  • Mounting via clamps, Ø 76mm, and anchoring bolts

Product compliant with French standards. For more information on our compliance with other national standards, contact us.


Reverso Stop Post with options
  • Single-or double-sided display: protective timetable frame in shock-resistant PMMA, thickness 3mm, display sheet in white lacquered steel, thickness 2mm, background sheet in aluminium, thickness 2mm, available in 4 A4 Landscape, 2 A4 Portrait, 2 A4 Landscape formats, stainless-steel clamp locking system, fitted in the opening of the timetable frame
  • Connector board adapter for the structure with existing anchoring bolts
  • Braille placard for drill-free mounting