Tradition Town Barrier

Tradition Town Barrier

An imposing barrier with delicate finishes, perfect for ensuring the safety of your roads and public spaces.


  • Robustness: monoblock design for optimal solidity
  • Deterrent: visually imposing (tube Ø 76mm) for better security
  • Delicate Finish: manufactured bowl head and invisible weld seam


  • Mounting in Ø 76mm round steel tubes, thickness 3mm, ball-head Ø 90mm
  • Squared steel tube handrail (30 × 30mm, thickness 2mm)
  • Square steel tube crossbar (25 × 25mm, thickness 1.5mm)
  • Lower square steel tube crossbar (30 × 30mm, thickness 1.5mm)
  • Anti-corrosion treatment via high-resistance cathodic painting
  • Polyester lacquer finish
  • Mounting:
    • On connector board with six mounting points (Ø 10mm screws not provided)
    • By direct stamping or on frame covers (optional)

Product compliant with French standards. For more information on our compliance with other national standards, contact us.

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