Evolution Double-Mast Road Signage

Evolution Etoile Double-Mast Road Signage

The ÉTOILE® Évolution line is robust and scalable double-mast road signage. It marks out pathways at the heart of your town, with shoulder-high installation and optimal visibility for pedestrians.

Its great adjustability allows you to easily update your road signage in town centres and activity zones. The complete Évolution road signage line includes tailor-made, coherent and elegant solutions


  • Scalable: independent clasps and signboards
  • Adjustable: adding and replacing signboards is very simple and can be carried out without any need to dismantle the structure
  • Coherent Aesthetics: designed in keeping with the Élegance and Discrétion lines to combine the different sets


  • ÉTOILE® aluminium filament mast (three grooves), two sections at 100 and 135mm with hood
  • ÉTOILE® signboard in aluminium, 19mm thick in single-or dual-face options, 80 to 300mm in height and 600 to 1,300mm in length
  • Ground mounting: sunk into the ground, with frame covers or anchored by clamps

Product compliant with French standards. For more information on our compliance with other national standards, contact us.