With our SLx4® range, we offer road signage that is adapted for towns, combining contemporary aesthetics and intelligent design.

The range’s modern and balanced lines can be adapted to every implementation: town centres, activities zones, pedestrian zones, and more.

A 100% customisable and adaptable design

  • The fixture design takes into account continuity with the signboard and mast
  • The board structure is identical whatever mast configuration you choose (single mast, double mast, wall mounted)
  • The possibilities for customisation with lacquer coating of various compositions are endless

Best usage cost on the market

Replacing your SLx4® signboards is economical and ecologically responsible compared to classic SIL.

The maintenance cost is low: mounting time and updating the signboard is ten times faster than classic SIL.

In addition, despite an initial cost that is around 10% higher the first year, and a replacement of around 10 signboards a year, the investment pays off in the second year with the SLx4®. At the end of five years of use, the overall cost is reduced by 13% compared to classic road signage.

Our SLx4 range fully conforms to sections 1 and 5 of the Inter-ministerial Instruction on Road Signs on Local Information Signage (SIL) and to CEREMA’s recommendations for all heights and lengths of available signboards.