Enamel House Number

Enamel House Number

We are also here to help with your street names.

Thanks to an ancestral manufacturing process, enamel house numbers offer an unrivalled finish and vibrant colours to enhance the streets in your town. We offer an authenticity that crosses all eras and is adapted to every environment.

Enamelled steel is very easy to recycle and is more beneficial than other materials due to its classification as a recoverable material rather than waste. Its decomposition does not produce any toxic fumes or other dangerous substances.



A surface made from mixing steel and glass, resistant to:

  • scratches: utility knives, keys, screwdrivers
  • burns: lighters, candles
  • vandalism: grafitti, stickers, stamps

Made with minerals that are impervious to UV rays so that the colours never fade
Easy upkeep: the original colour lasts even after several decades of exposure


  • An incomparable depth of colours: six background colours and text of your choice
  • Infinite font choices
  • Multiple design theme options per net
  • Logos, crests and photos can be included
  • Identification with road, town or neighbourhood name to allow access to emergency and delivery services


  • All of our enamel products are made in our enamelling workshop in Fitilieu (Isère department), an ISO 9001–certified production site
  • All of our enamel products conform to the NF EN 10-209 Standard of August 2013


  • Mounting system designed to avoid any risk of breaking the enamel when tightening
  • Enamel offers elegant and adaptable solutions for all environments: universal mounting for signs, or strut mounting for placards


  • Enamelled-steel flat placard
  • Two or four pre-drilled holes, Ø 6mm, with eyelet option
  • Mounting: Classic / Anti-theft

Product compliant with French standards. For more information on our compliance with other national standards, contact us.

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