FLR trailer for temporary worksite signageA faithful and high-performance solution, the FLR trailer with hydraulic power supply protects workers on worksites and emergency call-outs, on roads and dual carriageways.





  • Very powerful hydraulic power supply
  • Four robust hydraulic stabilisers that are quick to install (20 sec.) on rubber for greater stability when immobile
  • Hydraulic lifting of the sign in 11 seconds while vehicle is running
  • Sign can be adjusted 133° for optimal aerodynamic


  • Standard components guarantee independence for the user when maintaining the equipment, as well longevity of the product.


  • Intuitive and safe WiFi IP67 waterproof tablet, allowing the user to take control of the trailer and its signs from the passenger compartment or from 200m away
  • Viewing box to control the operation of the FLR from the vehicle’s passenger compartment
    Wired remote control and manual emergency pump
    Optional: monitor camera.


  • The tablet can be replaced at any time with any other WiFi-capable equipment (smartphone, tablet, PC


  • Single-axle unbraked trailer, GVW 750kg, with articulated drawbar
  • The FLR signal conforms with Interministerial
  • Instruction on Road Signalling (Book 1–Section 8)
  • Diode lights conform with EN 12352
  • Fully opening aluminium technical cupboard that includes:
    • Hydraulic Hyd&Au power source (motorised pump, hydraulic sign lift and stabilising crutch stands)
    • Standard Schneider TM251 control computer (control card, WiFi router and safety relay) in an IP66 waterproof chest
    • Two 12V–210Ah batteries ensuring more than 60 hours of battery life
    • One 230V AC charger, allowing you to charge the batteries without disconnecting them

Product compliant with French standards. For more information on our compliance with other national standards, contact us.


  • Spare wheel
  • Double-axle unbraked trailer, GVW 750kg
  • Rear, wide-angle monitor camera linked to the tablet via WiFi, to allow the operator to anticipate potential accident risks during difficult stops and restarts. The range alsohas a reversing camera and records the last 24 hours filmed (“black box”)