K5A Weighted Monoblock Cone

K5A Weighted Monoblock Cone

Stable, robust and visible, K5A worksite cones ensure peace of mind on your worksites. The weighted cones have excellent shock and crush resistance. They offer maximum stability, due to the lowered centre of gravity at the base, and offer visibility day and night, thanks to their retro-reflective strips.

The cones are also available in non-weighted and foldable luminous models, ideal for short, one-off call-outs.



  • Stable: integrated weighting in the cone, which allows for maximum stability due to the lower centre of gravity at the base
  • Visible: fluorescent PVC cone, retro-reflective stripsRobustExcellent shock and crush resistance
  • Robust:
    • Excellent shock and crush resistance
    • Resistant to significant changes in temperature: +80°C to -20°C
    • The monoblock design provides extreme solidity; the fluorescent PVC body and base are inseparable, thanks to the patented “Circle Interlocking System”
    • Recyclable
  • Practical: two grasping systems More ergonomic and safe

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