Individuals protection

Protects against direct contacts
Protection against direct contact of a person with live parts of a powered installation is made by the insulation of live parts, by the establishment of devices which ensure inaccessibility or remoteness, with automatic switch-off or the Safety Extra Low Voltage (SELV).

Protects against indirect contacts
Two types of differential device, in conjunction with an earth connection: the differential switch and the residual circuit breaker. They are mainly characterized by their sensitivity (in mA), which is the minimum leakage current that causes the differential to react.

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The differential switch, in conjunction with an earth connection, protects against indirect contacts. It has no protective device against overcurrents and short-circuits and so must be used in conjunction with a fuse-disconnecting switch or a circuit breaker located upstream.


  • Easy diagnosis of overcurrent/ differential faults.
  • Price
  • Compactness

The Residual Current Circuit Breaker, in conjunction with an earth connection, both:

  • protects against indirect contacts,
  • protects against overcurrents and short-circuits