Surge arrester

Protection against overvoltages :

Surge arresters are used increasingly frequently in street lighting for the safety of LED lighting fixtures, to protect them against transient overvoltages between phase and neutral or earth.

Device positioned as close as possible to the lamppost’s earth terminal for optimal protection (0.5m in accordance with standard NF C17-200).

For a long-term protection against transient & permanent overvoltages, LACROIX Sogexi offers a complete range of junction boxes.


  • Enables to maintenance staffs to check if the surge protector is at its end of life without public lighting network switched-on, so visible by day.
  • Our surge protector is a type «Y» with 2 varistors(1 on phase and 1 on neutral), which enables to work correctly even in case of inversion phase/neutral.

Technical characteristics

Surge protectors Type 2 (or 3) for LED lighting system Class 1
Mechanical disconnection indicator
For single-phase or two-phase network
Very compact Screw connection strip
AC-line disconnection at end of life

Standards compliance : NF EN 61643-11, IEC 61643-11


Indicates surge protector’s end of life mechanically to enable wsitch-off viewing.