Connecteur Festilum


Illumination connector with an elegant and robust design, for the quick and easy connection of light strings onto any lamppost.

Festilum also enables the connection of loudspeakers, Wi-Fi terminals, security or CCTV cameras, etc.

Highly durable screwed connection.
Straight or angled plugs.

Supplied as a complete unit with pre-wired cables for quick and easy connection onto any type of lamppost.

Connector on Hirschmann base, due to its high quality and wide coverage in Europe.

Advanced earth contact for improved safety.



Connecteur Festilum_Sogexi_LACROIX City
  • Very robust.
  • High impact and tearing strength.
  • Smart design and small dimensions.
  • Watertight to IP67.
  • Screwed contacts, ensuring simple on-site maintenance.
  • Captive cover.


Technical specifications


  • Self-extinguishing polyamide PA66, reinforced with fibreglass.
  • 2 to 4 poles and advanced earth contact.
  • Screw-on silver-plated brass contacts.
  • Rated voltage: 400VAc / 16A.
  • Insulation voltage: 2,500V.
  • IP67 (coupled or capped).
  • Connection and locking via multi-turn screw.
  • Post drilling diameter: 20mm (27mm max).
  • -40°C to +90°C.


  • Polyamide PA6 reinforced with fibreglass, anti-UV.
  • Self-tapping stainless steel screws.

Cable kit

  • H07 RNF type.
  • 3G1.5mm2 (13A) or 3G2.5mm2 (16A).
  • Length: 5 or 7m + 2.5m.

Product standards

  • EN 61984
  • UL E95522.

Installation standards

  • NF C17-202.
  • NF C17-200 and associated guides.
  • Recommendation: upstream protection by RCD10-30mA (3G1.5² cable) or RCD16-30mA (3G2.5² cable) on the section between the female connector and the base of the post.

Standard colour: black

  • RAL paint according to customer’s wishes: please consult us.