The new universal wall-mounted junction box, designed to accommodate numerous formats of protections, devices and terminals.

Lumipak LD:
Junction box combines an attractive appearance with integration capacity.

Lumipak LDX:
Without sockets or connectors, allows connection within the box itself.

Lumipak LDXP
Includes a socket, available for an entire range of socket types, adapted to every type of application and different European standards.

Lumipak LDXC
Includes connectors, available with several standard connectors:

  • Hirschmann: power supply or sound system.
  • XLR-3 pin: sound system.
  • RJ45: CCTV or communication.



Mini-socket kit_Sogexi_LACROIX City

Design, reduced dimensions of the LD enclosure and integration capabilities of the LDX enclosure.
Hinged lid with:

  • maximum opening at 120°, opening locked at 90°
  • full cover of the bottom of the case
  • additional sealing baffle and enveloping joint face
  • closing by screws and additional clipping for the LDX box
  • additional earpieces for padlocks and seals.

Even more functional base:

  • expanded interior space to facilitate on-site
  • wiring ‘guillotine’ cable clamp for better sealing and captive with 2 screws for better maintenance over time
  • passage and maintenance of the wires under the DIN rail and retaining tab for easy closing of the cover.

Technical specifications


  • LD: H210 x W74 x D60mm.
  • LDX: H210 x W95 x D95mm.

Max. capacity

  • LD: up to 2 cables Ø14.5mm (3G2.5mm²), through bottom of box.
  • LDX: up to 3 cables Ø14.5mm (3G2.5mm²), through the bottom of the box, after guided cutting of the cover and base.


  • By strap (20mm).
  • By screw: EDF standard lag screw, 225mm center distance.


  • Polypropylene copolymer, UV-resistant.
  • Flexural modulus: 1.4GPa (ASTM D780).
  • Heat and fire resistance:
    Ball test: 125°C (IEC60695-10-2).
    Glow wire: 850°C (CEI60695-2-10).
  • Resistivity: 1017Ω.cm.
  • Dielectric strength: 30kV/mm.
  • IP44 to IEC 60529 (open housing: IP2x) – IK08.
  • Class II (can also be supplied with insulated earth terminal). Only LDXP is not class II from -50°C to +130°C.

Product standards

  • EN 60598-1 & EN 60598-2-3.
  • IEC 60439-1.

Installation standards
NF C17-200 and associated guides.

Standard colors

  • LD – LDXP : beige, gray, black
    LDX – LDXC: gray
    Customer RAL paint: please consult us.