The tiny wall-mounted or console junction box, discreet and attractive. It can also be used on lampposts and other posts.

Micropak can connect up to 2 x 3G2.5mm² cables (Ø12mm).

Two possible cable inputs: via the bottom or back of the box.

Closure by clippable flap on the cover.

Captive cable clamp for front insertion of cables.

Option: Micropak sound system with shielded cable (length as per customer specifications) and 3-pole XLR plug.



Wall mounted and sockets Sogexi
  • Very compact and discreet.
  • Easily opened with a screwdriver.

Technical specifications

Max capacity
• 1 FPN + 6mm2 earth, or 3 BD2 terminals.
• Up to 2 cables Ø12mm (3G2.5mm²), via the bottom of the box.
• Up to 2 cables Ø10mm, via the back of the box, with optional weatherproof grommets.

• With lugs, for fastening by 20mm strap (MCP).
• Without lugs, for fastening via the bottom of the box (MC).

• Polypropylene copolymer, self-extinguishing, UV treated.
• IP44 in accordance with IEC 60529 (open junction box: IP2X)
• IK08 in accordance with EN 62262.
• Class 2 (can also be supplied with insulated earth terminal).
• -40°C to +130°C.

Product standards
• EN 60439-1.

Installation standards
• NF C17-200.

Standard colours:
• MCP (with lugs): cream, black, grey.