Mini-socket kit


The Mini-socket Kit facilitates the installation of a 2P+PE socket onto a post already in place.

IP44 – IK08 assembly, with base + 250V USE – 10/16A 2P+PE socket.

Mounting base: fastening onto the post by strap or screw.

Weatherproof cable input via the back of the box.




Mini-socket kit_Sogexi_LACROIX City
  • Installation of a socket onto a post already in place.

Technical specifications


  • 2P+T 10/16A.
  • IP44.
  • Socket back box with 4 retaining screws.
  • TET10/14 grommet for installation onto socket back box.
  • Cable example: Ø12.5mm – 3G2.5mm².

Mounting bracket

  • Aluzinc, seamless construction, 6 times more resistant to corrosion than galvanised sheet.
  • Fastened by strap or 2 self-tapping screws Ø4mm.
  • TET10/14 grommet for passing the cable through the post.

Installation standards

  • Recommendation: upstream protection by 30mA Residual Current Device (RCD).

Standard colour: grey

  • Other colours: please consult us.