Set USB socket

The USB Port Kit makes it easy for users to recharge their smartphones via the street lighting network.

Accessible to everyone and anywhere, it allows communities to provide citizens with a simple service and make the City smarter.

Its 5V power supply, the most  compact on the market enables it to be fitted on any street lighting lamppost (in and out of city center).

Can be used to recharge any smartphone (inc. iPhone) or device powered by a USB port (5 V/0.5 A – Type 1/2/3).

Functioning on street lighting network.
Power and fuse switch disconnector to be integrated into the junction box at the base of the lamppost (min. int. Ø 84 m).

Delivered pre-wired (cable length 1 m) to attach to the lamppost easily and quickly using a screw.
Available in a Junction box + USB kit.


Set USB socket_Sogexi_LACROIX City
  • Easy access and self-service use : the port is positioned directly on the street lighting lampposts.
  • Quick and easy to install : USB Port Kit delivered pre-wired with power supply and protection.
  • Open on the Smart City : 5 V power supply compatible with other types of equipment

Technical specifications

Kit :

  • USB socket, ready to be connected to the 5V power-supply
  • Fuse switch disconnector with a 2A fuse
  • 5V power-supply

Running temperatures :

  • -25°C/+55°C
  • Class II – IP 44 (except cable entry)

USB socket :

  • USB Type A

Power supply :

  • Input: 220-240Vac / 150mA / 50-60Hz
  • Output: 5.15Vdc / 2.2A
  • Dimensions: L 93 mm x W 18 mm x H 62 (69) mm

Product standards

  • IEC 61439-2
  • EN 62368-1, Oct. 2014 (power supply)

Standard colour: black


  • On the post – 2 screws included
  • Prewired with 1m cable