Stainless steel cabinet


Reinforced cabinet, 100% 316 L stainless steel, 1.5 mm thick, made up of 3 separate elements.

Trapezoidal stainless steel pedestal for improved stability and tearing strength.

The stainless steel frame is separate from the casing, to facilitate wiring with access on all sides.

Reinforced stainless steel casing, with rigidity enhanced by vertical grooves.

Frame-mounted, inward-swinging crowbarresistant door.

Micro-beaded stainless steel finish for improved paint adhesion.


Armoires de raccordement
  • High-quality and modular stainless steel cabinet.
  • Anti-poster grooves on all 4 sides of the cabinet, wave-shaped profile (patented design).
  • Frame separate from the cabinet to facilitate wiring and maintenance.

Technical specifications

Stainless steel pedestal

  • Semi-embedded earth installation.
  • Concrete filling.
  • Trapezoidal shape.


  • Frame designed to accommodate standard wooden panels (250 x 800 mm).
  • Frames separate from the cabinet, fitted into a housing welded onto the bottom of the
    pedestal and secured by stainless steel screws (patented design).


  • Fabricated casing mounted onto a rigid reinforcement frame.
  • Removable centre upright (for 2 and 3 modules).
  • Anti-poster grooves on all 4 sides.
  • Fastened onto the pedestal by welded pins.
  • IP44 – IK10 Protection.
  • 4-slope roof.
  • Ventilation by natural convection at top and bottom.


  • Micro beaded stainless steel for efficient application of all polyester paints (choice of RAL colours).
  • Frame/door earth connecting cords.
  • Stainless steel hinges