Trafik Mini


Junction boxes for traffic or tramway signalling and security cameras or CCTV.

Seamless bent aluzinc junction boxes.

Patented process, 6 times more resistant to corrosion than galvanised sheet.

Plasticised insulating coating offering highadhesion UV protection that will not separate if scratched.

* Made-to-measure equipment. This equipment has not undergone a standardised certification procedure.


Traffic Mini light boxes_Sogexi
  • Numerous inputs-outputs for through and side cables.
  • Raised terminal block to facilitate connection.


Technical specifications

• Plastic-coated aluzinc (0.35 mm/side).
• Impulse withstand voltage: 4 kV.
• Temperature: -40°C to +115°C.
• Installation standards: NF P99.
• Mounting with lugs, for fastening by strap or
connecting strip.

Accepted terminals
• Connection terminals with screwed contacts:
D6 (6 mm²), D10 (10 mm²), D16 (16 mm²).
• Spring-loaded, automatic clamping: R2, R4.
• Other products: please contact us.

Max. capacity

Trafik Mini:
• Up to 7 cable inputs-outputs.
• Up to 8 connection terminals.

Standard colour: white

Please contact us for other colours.