Protects sealing rod nuts and threads from oxidation.

Allows easy removal of nuts, even when covered with soil or asphalt, in the event of an accident, relocation or renovation.

Guarantees the client that, in all cases, the nuts will be greased (no forgetting) and with the right amount of grease.

Easier and cleaner to use (no tools to clean, no spilled grease). Installation by simply pushing on the sealing rod nut.

Delivered in plastic bags of 4, for easy distribution on site.

No need to buy or waste grease.

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Kaptige patented_Sogexi_LACROIX City
  • All-in-one protective cap with pre-integrated dose of grease for nuts and sealing rods.
  • High-quality finish.
  • Guaranteed longevity.

Technical specifications

  • Polyethylene, solution-dyed black.
  • Highly resistant to chemicals and atmospheric agents.
  • Temperature resistance :
    from -25°C to +80°C (permanent),
    up to +130°C (coated).
  • Delivered factory pre-filled with the ideal dose of high-temperature, brown-colored mineral grease (high dropping point > 160°C).
  • Closure with aluminum lid, heat-sealed to the base of the KTP.
  • Reinforced inner ring guarantees perfect locking on the nut.
  • Wide, flexible lip on bottom to ensure watertight seal with mast base.
  • Standard color: black.