Peplic Fab®


Peplic Fab is a ready-made system of semi-rigid adjusting and insulating base plates, specifically designed to be used on precast foundation blocks.

The copolymers PP structure supporting the 4 semi-rigid base plates of the Peplic Fab guarantees:
• the optimal positioning of the base plates on the precast foundation block.
• a quick and faultless installation.
• that the base plates are held in place when tightening the lamppost base plate.

Compatible with all forms of precast foundation blocks, providing perfect stress homogenisation.

Corrects up to 2.5° deviation, absorbs foundation block and lamppost base plate irregularities.

Avoids all direct contact between the metal and concrete (source of corrosion).


Other accessories_Peplic Fab_Sogexi
  • Easy and fast lamppost verticality adjustment using threaded rods and nuts and Peplic compression plate.
  • Base plate assembly in grooved EPDM for reinforced lamppost durability on precast foundation blocks.
  • Patented and certified.


Technical specifications

• Copolymer polypropylene structure.
• 4 moulded synthetic rubber base plates (grooved EPDM).
• Very high resistance to chemical and atmospheric agents.

Mechanical characteristics:
• Resistance to temperature: from -25°C to +120°C.
• Residual elasticity of Peplic compressed at 30% = 55% after 20 years.
• Usable compressibility range: 60% of the total initial thickness, i.e. 65kg/cm2.

• Compliance certified by inspection bodies for the mechanical control of Street Lighting structures.
• Ten-year guarantee of public equipment.
• Other dimensions and shapes: please contact us.