Peplic Fab®


Peplic Fab is a ready-made system of semi-rigid adjusting and insulating base plates, specifically designed to be used on precast foundation blocks.

Corrects up to 2.5° deviation, absorbs foundation block and lamppost base plate irregularities.

Ensures uniform contact between the base of the lighting column and the foundation, for perfect stress homogenization.

Avoids all direct contact between the metal and concrete (source of corrosion).

Ensures drainage of internal condensation water and facilitates drying.

Avoids the problem of non-shrink concrete filling under the footing.


Other accessories_Peplic Fab_Sogexi
  • Easy and fast lamppost verticality adjustment using threaded rods and nuts and Peplic compression plate.
  • Base plate assembly in grooved EPDM for reinforced lamppost durability on precast foundation blocks.
  • Patented and certified.


Technical specifications


  • Copolymer polypropylene structure.
  • 4 moulded synthetic rubber base plates (grooved EPDM).
  • Very high resistance to chemical and atmospheric agents.

Mechanical characteristics:

  • Resistance to temperature: from -25°C to +120°C.
  • Residual elasticity of Peplic compressed at 30% = 55% after 20 years.
  • Usable compressibility range: 60% of the total initial thickness, i.e. 65kg/cm2.


  • Compliance certified by inspection bodies for the mechanical control of Street Lighting structures.
  • Ten-year guarantee of public equipment.
  • Other dimensions and shapes: please contact us.