Designed for poured concrete blocks intended for lamppost installation, Peplic is a semi-rigid adjusting and insulating base plate.

Corrects up to 2.5° deviation, absorbs foundation block irregularities and corrects base plate welding defects.

Ensures uniform contact between the base of the lamppost and the foundation block, offering perfect stress homogenisation.

Avoids all direct contact between the metal and concrete (a significant source of corrosion).

Drains condensation from inside the lamppost and facilitates drying.

Replaces difficult filling with concrete without shrinkage, under the base.

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  • Easy and fast lamppost verticality adjustment using threaded rods and nuts and Peplic compression plate.
  • Ensures durable maintenance of the pole against the base.


  • Moulded synthetic rubber (grooved EPDM) base plate.
  • Very high resistance to chemical and atmospheric agents.
  • Resistance to temperature:
    from -25°C to +120°C (permanent),
    up to +150°C (asphalt).
  • Residual elasticity of Peplic compressed at 30% = 55% after 20 years.
  • Ten-year guarantee of public equipment.
  • Usable compressibility range: 60% of the total initial thickness, i.e. 65 kg/cm2.
  • Certified by an LRCCP ageing test.
  • Please consult us for other dimensions and shapes.