Very easy to use.
For posts up to 7m high, with mobile arm (45° rotation!)
Also available in kit form, with:
• Sadapt base plate
• 4 wide washers for existing rods (Øint 24mm – Øext 60mm)
• Peplic 200, for vertical adjustment and insulation
• set for 4 M14 rods: nuts + locknuts + washers
• set of 4 Kaptige pre-dosed nut covers: KTP14
• option: additional set of KTP to protect existing rods and nuts.


Enables modifications of the base plate centre-to-centre distance
  • Enables modification of the base plate centre-to-centre distance, without modification of the foundation block.
  • Can be adapted to any existing foundation block with a 300x300mm centre-to-centre distance to install a post with a 200x200mm centre-to-centre distance.

Technical specifications

Hot-galvanised steel plate, E36.
• Dimension 400x400mm – Thickness: 10mm.
• 4 x 30x40mm oblong holes, for existing rods up to M27, 300x300mm centre-to-centre distance.
• 4 M14 pins welded to the 300x300mm base plate: H46mm, 200x200mm centre-to-centre distance, and located at 45°.
• Ø180mm central passage for power supply cables.
• Other dimensions: please contact us.