Centring of cable conduits.

Prevents cables becoming pinched under the base plate.

Ensures centre-to-centre distance, verticality and the exact mounting rod height.

Guarantees concrete block levelness and easy level adjustment.

Reduces oxidation in contact with the concrete and corrosion of post bases.



Scelkit complies with European standard EN40, as well as with the recommendations for street lighting
published by the French Lighting Association (AFE).
“ Lighting columns with luminaires and auxiliary equipment […] additional mechanical protection at
where the cable is likely to be damaged (in particular at the point of penetration at the base of the pole) […]”.

  • Anchor kit facilitates the creation of the foundation block.
  • Perfect finish, with faster and more economical preparation.

Technical specifications

  • Aluzinc plate: 1mm thick, pierced for exact bolt spacing.
  • Supplied with a set of PAL nuts (M33: standard nut) and height setting gauge.
  • Other dimensions: please contact us.