SIR Accessories  SensyCity

The expertise developed from the hundreds of SensyCity installations that we have created has led us to design a range of “Detection Zone” accessories, in order to adapt the detection zone to all the configurations encountered on the field.

When positioned directly on the SIR sensor, the accessories make it possible to adjust the detection area of the PIR sensors to best meet the desired detection needs.

They can be installed when the detection system is commissioned, or later if a more limited zoning need is identified.



Detection zones accessories
  • Easy to install directly on the Wireless SIR sensor.
  • Discreet, specially designed for urban environment.
  • Compatible with existing SensyCity installations.



Technical specifications

  • Material : ABS
  • Standard color : black
  • Mounting : on the Wireless SIR Sensor – with 2 stainless steel self-drilling screws A2 M4x25 (provided)