Electronic ballast e-Pak

The e-Pak electronic ballasts are compact devices designed to power discharge lamps (HPS, MH, CPO).

The range covers power ratings from 45W to 150W.

They stand out because of their high resistance to network disruptions and excellent efficiency.

Class 2 design and developed with IP65 for operation in an outdoor environment and integration into lamppost base or wall mounted junction box. Distance from heat sources (equipment and lamp) helps optimise service life and light output.

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Setbox DAL EN Sogexi
  • Adapted to the renovation of existing installations, with a very quick return on investment.
  • Excellent reliability and long life.
  • Possible distance between the ballast and the source: up to 15m.
  • Numerous integrated dimming options to optimise energy savings.

Technical specifications

ballast-electronique-e-pak-caracteristiques EN



The e-Pak electronic ballasts start and supply discharge lamps with low frequency square wave current.
They supply and regulate the right amount of power required for the lamps. Accuracy and excellent power stability.

e-Pak renovation kit

Particularly well-suited for renovating existing installations, the e-Pak renovation kit provides a fast and simple solution for saving energy.
Benefits of the renovation solution:
• High energy savings, with consumption halved or divided by 3 over the year thanks to the integrated and reprogrammable dimming scenarios.
• Easily implemented on all existing installations.
• Additional maintenance savings:
the capacitors no longer need to be replaced every 6 years.