Bluetooth Traffic Sensor

Designed and manufactured in France, BlueVia is a traffic sensor that uses Bluetooth detection technology and is intended to calculate and provide journey time and origin–destination time information to road users.

BlueVia is a very-low-energy-consumption system that can communicate autonomously (built-in 3G modem). It doesn’t require any special expertise to install and it captures data as soon as it starts up, without any configuration.

WebVia: data verification and exploitation tool


The data collected and analyses are made available in real time to view the change and behaviour of traffic flows.

  • Having reliable and responsive data
  • Being informed as soon as there are disruptions
  • Understanding the flow of traffic
  • Anticipating future planning needs
  • Developing traffic regulation systems

BlueVia is available in five versions:

  • Mains power
  • Solar power
  • Street-lighting power
  • DIN rail version (can be incorporated into an existing electrical box)
  • Mobile version for ad hoc studies

Product Benefits

  • Uses less than 2 W of power
  • Minimal installation and civil engineering costs
  • WebVia: data verification and exploitation tool