Inform passengers while they are travelling on public transport

Dedicated to transport, our LED and TFT displays can be adapted to all situations to provide passengers with real-time information as they are travelling on public transport.

To cater for your requirements, our experience means we can provide bespoke solutions (TTS [Text to Speech] module, broad temperature range, enhanced IP protection, industrial CPU).

Benefits of the PID Range

Our experience has enabled us to offer you a range of displays fitted with the most advanced technology:

  • 5 TFT display models from 42″ to 65″
  • 5 LED display models with 3 to 10 rows, and up to 37 characters per row
  • A bespoke offer to meet your specific needs
  • Indoor and outdoor installations: developed to withstand all environmental constraints, the signs can be installed both indoors and outdoors (IP55).
  • Optimised installation and maintenance: developed to facilitate maintenance work via access to the front of the display units.
  • High levels of brightness and visibility : all of our displays have optimum brightness and a wide viewing angle to ensure that information is conveyed to the fullest.

Tramway PID

Tramway PID

Along with buses, trams are the public transport of city centres. LED or TFT, our displays fit seamlessly into stations, as well as intermodal exchange hubs, and display a high level of information.


Bus Passenger Information Displays

Bus stops are some of the harshest environments: isolated stops, vandalism, and weather conditions.

Our displays can help overcome these challenges through their security and alarm systems that allow each screen to be monitored effectively.

Subway Platform and Station PID

Subway Platform and Station PID

Subway networks are important hubs and their stations need to convey a positive and modern image of the network. Our simply and elegantly designed range fits into these environments perfectly. It has been designed to faciltate maintenance operations.

Train and Train Station PID

Passenger Information Displays

Train stations are organised around several functional areas in which users have to find their way around and identify the network’s transport offering.

Our wide range of displays, from giant LED displays to TFT platform screens, allows you to disseminate the right information in the right place.