The V2X pole of LACROIX City offers a complete smart range of equipment dedicated to the communication of connected and autonomous vehicles with the road infrastructure.

V2I Station Outdoor

C-ITS Road Side Unit (RSU)

V2I Station Outdoor, upgrades roads and cities by providing vehicles with realtime V2X safety warnings and traffic information, coming from vehicles and / or management centers.

This unit is suited for Road Authorities. Indeed, it collects V2X data from the field and is designed to ensure permanent and rugged use along the roads. A wide range of interfaces is also available to communicate with sensors for advanced vehicle perception and existing traffic lights.


Neavia V2I Station Outdoor_LACROIX V2X_200x200
  • Compliant with C-ITS corridors
  • Available in European & US version
  • Integrated V2X security stack
  • 4G integrated scalable to 5G
  • Bluetooth sensor for travel time and beaconing

Functions and Applications

• Configuration Web & PKI Interface
• Remote Supervision & Centralization
• VPN Access
• Signature and control of V2X messages
• Monitoring SNMP / V2X Server
• GPS / NTP automatic synchronization

• Connected Vehicle
• Autonomous Vehicle
• Traffic Lights intersections
• Toll Assistance
• Work Zone Warning