The V2X pole of LACROIX City offers a complete smart range of equipment dedicated to the communication of connected and autonomous vehicles with the road infrastructure.

V2X Server

C-ITS Operating Platform

V2X Server is a platform collecting road information from both RSUs & OBUs, but also sending information to these devices such as traffic alerts or weather conditions.

This server collects data and analyze it. It also integrates security certificate management, includes vehicle & infrastructure equipment management, centralizes V2X messages, and allows supervision & monitoring of V2X fleets.


Neavia V2I Station Server_LACROIX V2X_200x200
  • Program and centralize V2X messages to broadcast
  • Allows analysis of V2X data from the field
  • Integrates security certificate management
  • Centralization of updates and configurations
  • Simplifies maintenance

Functions et Applications

• Event programming interface
• Vehicle display
• Recording and broadcasting road alerts
• Generation of security certificates
• Integrated mapping
• Technical supervision alerts

• Deployments of cooperative systems
• Management of autonomous vehicle projects
• Qualification of V2X systems
• Road construction management