How Can a Wildlife Detection System Be Put in Place to Ensure Safety?

Détection de faune sécurité automobilistes

In France, collisions between vehicles and wildlife account for more than 60,000 accidents per year.

Static signage no longer has the same impact on road users, so a dynamic display helps grab motorists’ attention.

The LACROIX City Solution

  • Detection: EcoCam + infrared detector
  • Dynamic display unit: LX3 link ghost light panel

How It Works

An EcoCam camera positioned on site detects and identifies an animal approaching the roadway.

The light panels are activated to inform motorists of the danger.


  • Significantly reduces accidents: up to a 75% reduction in wildlife collisions
  • Detects animals
  • Maintains the continuity of biological corridors, reducing the human impact on the environment
  • Analyses wildlife behaviour to anticipate future developments

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