Innovation LACROIX

The latest innovation from LACROIX, the PGx Travel Time adds the travel time function to your equipment:

➜ Inform your users of available spaces.

➜ Direct them to the nearest car park based on real-time traffic conditions.

The PGx Travel Time parking guidance solution helps to fluidify urban traffic by providing users with clear, accurate, real-time information about parking options. More than just displaying the number of available parking spaces, the display of the travel time to the nearest available parking space enhances the attractiveness of your city center. All users and visitors can find their way around efficiently, without the need for third-party applications, simplifying access to shops and places of interest, while optimizing the occupancy rate of your car parks.

PGx Travel Time is based on LACROIX’ expertise in the installation of dynamic traffic signs and on BlueVia technology, LACROIX’ Bluetooth traffic management sensor.

Product benefits

  • Provide accurate information to the road user on the number of spaces available and the time needed to get to the car park from the panel
  • Improve traffic flow in your city by facilitating access to parking solutions
  • Optimize the operation of your facilities and improve their efficiency
  • Collect and analyze traffic data
  • Improve access to tourist locations

Display capabilities

PGx panels are equipped with LACROIX displays that allow you to adapt your panels to your needs and guarantee optimal readability. Reliable and proven, the displays are among the most robust on the market with an average life of 100 K hours.

Light display Optimo display
  • Character size: 125 mm
  • Character size: 160 mm
  • Dimensions: 1500 x 470 x 220 mm
  • Dimensions: 1900 x 500 x 225 mm
  • Display area: 1 line de 8 characters
  • Display area: 1 line de 8 characters
  • Readability: optimal in full sun up to 100 m
  • Readability: optimale en plein soleil jusqu’à 100 m