Our Quality-Safety-Environment Policy serves our customers and partners

Our Quality-Safety-Environment Policy remains faithful to LACROIX Group’s values and strategic plan, as part of a process of continuous improvement.

By listening to our customers and partners, and with colleagues who are involved, we work to implement innovative and eco-responsible actions for progress every day.

A customer-orientated system for quality

The satisfaction of our customers and partners is at the heart of our concerns, which led to a Customer Pathway Directive being created in 2018.

Its objective is to enhance how we listen to customers and aim for the best in order to provide you with a fully fluid service and offer products that are adapted to your needs. The better we listen, the better we understand your expectations, and the better we can satisfy you.

Since we are continuously searching for performance and using tools and methods recognised in the most demanding environments, we implement tools for Operational Excellence at our sites:

  • Lean Manufacturing, Lean Office
  • High-quality tools: QRQC, 8D, PDCA, 5P, AMDEC
  • The Products Road Map and the Product Development LACROIX process for our product projects

Safety – a concern for everyone

In line with our commitment to create a safer environment for road users, every day, we work to improve working conditions and reduce the risk for all of our colleagues.

Several initiatives are undertaken daily on themes such as ergonomics at work, risk analysis and searching for innovative solutions to facilitate work, among many others.

An engaged environmental approach

As a manufacturer, our environmental impact is a major concern. This is something that we always consider from the very first spark of an idea. This allows us to offer innovative solutions to our customers, who are seeking to have as small an environmental impact as possible.

Our projects to reduce our environmental footprint are carried out at our production sites, such as implementing the Energy Performance Contract, for example.

Our Certifications

Our integrated management system has been certified ISO 9001 and 14001 for more than 10 years. Its robustness has allowed us to pass the 2015 versions of the standards successfully.

The ISO 9001 et 14001 standards define a structuring framework and contribute to challenging the existing one through different standards requirements, which involves implementing a culture of continuous improvement. 

How can we better satisfy our customers? How can we improve the quality of our products? How can we reduce our environmental footprint? These are the ongoing and fundamental questions that are driving our plans for progress and the transformation of the company. 

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) approach is built around five priorities defined by LACROIX Group’s strategic plan.

The key to success is putting our Group’s values into practice: Audacity, Commitment, Team Spirit, Openness, Respect.

Gender equality

Pursuant to the decree of January 2019 of the Professional Future Act relating to Gender Equality, the LACROIX City Signalling Division calculated its index and obtained a score of 77 points.

This score reflects the commitment that the company has made in recent years to close the gender pay gap, and also to promote our employees irrespective of their gender.