Millenium is an optimal portable traffic sign solution for worksite traffic control.

The Millennium worksite traffic light has been entirely designedto facilitate setting up your worksites while making them safer for workers and road users.

Innovation  by LACROIX City, the Smart Millenium version is an adaptation of the Millenium traffic light with a vehicle detection radar. By tuning their cycles to real traffic, Smart Millenium traffic lights offer motorists a reduced waiting time and make traffic flow more smoothly.


Easy to use

  • Lights are completely identical (no master or slave light) and configurable (alternating intersection with 3 or 4 branches)
  • System with up to 4 lights synchronise automatically
  • Longe-range universal remote control


  • Two transportation modes: wheelbarrow/dolly mode
  • Secure system for unfolding/folding the light-head
  • Retractable carrying arms

Optimised storage

  • Foldable light-head
  • Stacking lights



  • Steel telescopic lifting system, stainless steel carrying arms
  • High-density rotationally moulded polyethylene frame
  • Highly shock-resistant ABS light-head
  • Puncture-proof front and rear wheels



Alternating operating mode, intersection at 3 or 4 branches


  • Ø 200mm to 230mm between-centres distance
  • 2 LEDs lens
  • 1 central lens with countdown timer: double crown + LED digits-from 9 to 1


  • Folded: H 475mm × L 1195mm × W 537mm
  • Unfolded: H 2754mm × L 1195mm × W 537mm
  • Battery compartment (inner dimensions) : H 265 × L 271 × W 291mm
  • Weight  without the battery : 41kg

Product compliant with French standards. For more information on our compliance with other national standards, contact us.




Download the Millenium Brochure (3 pages, 612 Ko)