Tegis Central Connect LX Connect Software service

Tegis Central Connect LX Connect software allows, remotely and in real time, to reprogram 3 astronomical outputs and override night cutouts (festive illuminations, enhancement, etc.), for a greater flexibility of settings and to optimize lighting and extinguishing hours.

Control unit reprogramming, remotely and unlimited, avoids physical movement upon each cabinet.

The user interface offers the possibility to define special night profils, with its associated annual calendar.

The website welcome page, with its Google Maps cartography, provides an overall view of all public lighting cabinets and the ability to navigate from the one to the other.

Plateforme web LX connect Gestion de l’éclairage public


Tegis Lighting Plus CENTRAL CONTROL
  • Intuitive software interface, for a remote configuration of the connected astronomical clock 24/7 access, secured and unlimited.
  • Unlimited access, 24/7 and secured.
  • Future-proof, the installation can migrate simply to Tegis Lighting – complete connected management of the cabinet or Tegis Lighting Plus – entirely connected management of cabinets and light points.