Tegis Lighting Plus 24/7 TNX24 Communicating nodes

Positioned at the base of lampposts in junction boxes, TNX24 communicating nodes are managed by power line communication (PLC technology).

Each node is a transmitter, receiver and repeater, for reliable and robust communication to all light points fitted with TNX24 nodes.

The TNX24 is suitable for any equipment using the DALI protocol. It is fitted with two DALI outputs, and can control one to four lighting fixtures per output.

Electricity consumption is measured for all light points connected to the TNX24 node; combined with a TRX, electricity consumption is also available for the third-party service (festive illumination, CCTV, charging terminals, etc.).



Tegis Lighting Plus CENTRAL CONTROL
  • Scalable for transforming the street lighting network into a permanent supply grid simply and without any civil engineering, powered 24/7.
  • It is adjustable, which means that the connected smart management of the cabinet can be developed to include light points and third-party services using PLC technology.
  • Instantaneous electricity consumption measurements and daily reporting of consumption indexes for light points and the associated third-party service.
  • Extremely limited footprint, the configuration for 24/7 management of the street lighting power supply fits into the Citypak box.


Technical Characteristics


TNX24 nodes:

  • For DALI equipment
  • Self-extinguishing polyamide casing
  • Can be installed up to 10 m away from the equipment
  • distance between two communicating nodes: 150 m
  • Two DALI outputs, one to four lighting fixtures per DALI output
  • Three unique addresses per TNX24:
    • Two for the light points
    • One for the third-party service
  • Break capacity: 2 A – 230 V
  • Energy measurement class: Class 1 in active power
  • Stand-by consumption: 0.55 W
  • Dimensions in mm: 36 × 85 × 43, DIN rail
  • Easy to insert, wire and install at each light point