Tegis Lighting Plus 24/7 TRX Relay Node

Positioned at the base of the post, in the junction box, the TRX relay node must be used with the TNX24 communicating node.

The TRX relay node makes it possible to control and monitor third-party services powered by the street lighting electricity grid.

Combined with a TNX24 communicating node, electricity consumption is available for the third-party service (festive illumination, CCTV, charging terminals, etc.).

The TRX relay node has a break capacity of 10 A.


Tegis Lighting Plus CENTRAL CONTROL
  • Easy to incorporate into street lighting posts, it makes it possible to position the power for the third-party service at the base of the closest lamppost to where it is needed, simply and without any civil engineering.
  • With its extremely small footprint, the TNX24 and TRX configuration fits into the Citypak box.

Technical Characteristics

TRX relay nodes:

  • Self-extinguishing polyamide casing
  • Break capacity: 10 A – 230 V
  • Dimensions in mm: 18 × 85 × 41 – DIN rail