Your own point of contact

Claire FAYA Your own point of contact

With almost 15 years of experience in smart management, our Customer Service team will support you from defining a tailored solution to your project becoming operational.
Customer Service provides training, technical support and personalised follow-up for the smart management of your street lighting assets.
Established within the R&D department, Customer Service is a specialist point of contact that can be easily reached by the users of our various solutions, for the entire range. Our team of 5 people includes 2 Smart Solutions technicians dedicated to management solutions, and is there to provide all the support required to ensure our products can be used simply and effectively.”
Claire FAYA, Customer Service Manager


Customer Service opening hours

“Contact us by phone: + 33 4 72 54 84 31
Monday to Friday
9:00am to 12:00pm / 2:00pm to 6:00pm”
“Contact us by email:
24/7 – we will provide you with a personal response as soon as possible”


The different steps

The different steps SERVICE

Commissioning and monitoring of Tegis and SensyCity installations
Technical support Help with project definition Implementation and use
After-sales service + 33 4 72 54 84 31 or
Environmental Profile of Products
In the event of a fault or defect with one of your products, contact us on + 33 4 72 54 84 31 or, we will open an after-sales ticket and arrange for the equipment to be returned for evaluation and replacement.

Our strengths

Dedicated smart management team
Support in extending or changing your installation.
Customer Service and R&D work together to enhance their expertise and provide you with customer-focused bespoke technical expertise.
Each division of LACROIX City has a dedicated and specialist Technical Customer Support department, but all departments work together on common issues.
Find all our technical documents under the Documents and Publications tab.
Specialist point of contact
Easily accessible
For the entire range
Working in the R&D department
5 dedicated people
2 Smart Solutions technicians
Commissioning & monitoring of Tegis and SensyCity installations
“Technical support
Help with project definition
Implementation and use”
After-sales service + 33 4 72 54 84 31 or
Product environmental profiles
Develop a trust-based relationship
Provide the support required for the SIMPLE AND EFFECTIVE use of our solutions
“For any questions:
+ 33 4 72 54 84 31 or”
We are committed to getting to know our customers and stakeholders and to developing a trust-based relationship to support them in defining, using and rolling out solutions that fully meet their needs.