The emergence of new modes of transport, awareness about environmental issues and the need to travel without wasting time and at a lower cost have all led to new uses.

The development of active mobility, soft mobility, and multi-modal transport has challenged conventional solutions for managing the flow of vehicles and people.

LACROIX City supports its customers in implementing travel policies to limit congestion and pollution (sound, atmospheric and light) while taking into account their budget constraints.

Our ambition is to build intelligent mobility to meet the following four objectives:

  • 0 accidents
  • 0 congestion / 0 delays
  • 0 pollution

Every day, our teams undertake to create technological equipment to facilitate mobility:

  • Shared and flexible: combining all modes of travel
  • Effective: optimising travel times by reducing congestion
  • Safe: zero accidents for all users, even the most vulnerable ones
  • Made to measure: meeting the needs of each user
  • Clean: zero pollution




Congestion, pollution, declining grant levels, budget constraints, the need for security, the development of new uses for public-participation spaces, etc., are all challenges for local authorities, towns and cities, and territories.

The equation for public officials to solve is complex!

Traditional solutions sometimes show their limitations in the face of diverse needs.


smart Mobility innovation

Mobility issues

Dense and connected, towns and cities are at the crossroads of all flows: vehicles, pedestrians, bicycles, buses, trains, etc. LACROIX City offers products with cutting-edge innovations to keep users informed in real time, optimise routes and promote rapid and effective travel through the use of adapted transport.

LACROIX City equips towns and territories astutely, so as to effectively manage all of the various users, safely, both day and night. Traffic continues to flow and be directed, regardless of the conditions, thanks to clearly visible traffic signs and signage, and street furniture that is tailored to its environment.


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