Discover how the city of Riom has optimized the lighting of its stadiums thanks to the LACROIX City ecosystems through the case study of the Pierre Robin sports complex.



  • Residents frequently call the town hall departments to report that the stadiums are lit but not being used by sports associations.
  • Changes in training schedules may occur without being communicated to sports department officials.
  • Sports department officials perform three daily interventions at each of the two stadiums to switch the lights on, check if there are any associations, and switch the lights off.



  • Adapting when the stadiums’ lighting is switched on and off to how they are actually used by sports associations in Riom.
  • Controlling energy consumption and only switching the lights on when the stadiums are in use.


  • Information meeting with the associations to explain and organise the new way of managing the stadiums’ lighting.
  • Setting up a training schedule with each of the user associations, based on their real needs for sports facilities.




  • The Tegis control unit independently controls up to three user-configurable outputs.


  • The control units can be programmed either as an astronomical clock in comfort mode, combined with a cut-off at a set time when training ends (generally 9 p.m.), or as an hourly clock combined with a cut-off at a set time.


  • At the end of the programmed training period, the stadium’s (or part of a stadium’s) lighting switches off automatically.If the associations are absent or when training sessions are cut short, sports department officers have the option of forcing the lighting to switch off remotely, without going to the site. Likewise, in the event of unplanned training requests, sports department officers have the option of forcing the lighting of one or more fields to switch on remotely, thus facilitating daily management of sports facilities.



Programming is easy to set up and simple to modify, with the Tegis control unit in the cabinet and access to the LX Connect platform for Tegis.
Tegis provides comfort and peace of mind for user associations, residents, and the sports department of the town of Riom.
With a weekly update of training schedules, the sports department maintains close ties with the associations to meet their needs as closely as possible.


It’s great to see that a few months after Tegis was set up, together with good organisation between the user associations and the sports department, it is working really well. We are now considering deployment to other facilities and perhaps to public lighting.

Eco-Responsibility Policy Officer