Thanks to 30 years of experience in urban traffic control, more than 9,000 intersections equipped with LACROIX and our daily proximity to the operators, LACROIX innovates with its new generation of traffic light controller: Traffy City.

We have used feedback from our customers and an analysis of the evolution of traffic regulation policies to develop our traffic light controller. Designed to integrate the technological and functional evolutions of the next 10 years, the Traffy City generation is the traffic light controller of the Smart Mobility.


Traffy City responds to the challenges of increasingly complex multimodal traffic.

  • Improving the security of users and areas at risk (schools, parks, village entrances, PRM, etc.)
  • Smoothing the flow of all forms of mobility in dedicated areas (+ 63,000km of cycle paths in France by 2020)
  • Optimise the regularity of public transport and meet the growing demand for mobility
  • Raise awareness and change the behaviour of road users
  • Encourage and secure the use of soft and active mobility (bicycles, pedestrians, etc.)

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The benefits of Traffy City light controller

Simplicity of operations

  • Time-saving commissioning and maintenance (Wifi)
  • Easy to use thanks to the touch screen
  • Real-time alerts of field incidents (4G modem)

Intelligent connectivity

  • Gateway between traffic management platform and field equipments
  • Intelligent priority management: detection and V2X interfaces

Data management

  • Collection of all operating data
  • Backup of more than one year of history (SD card)
  • Remote access via Wintraffy


Continuous compatibility

  • Smooth integration with no operational impact
  • Easy upgrade of your Traffy controllers
  • Support of all DIASER & RSMP traffic management platform



  • Latest generation CPU (dual core) to integrate future C-ITS evolutions

WinTraffy : a software for your traffic light controller


The operating software WINTRAFFY allows you to set up and view information related to the TRAFFY® traffic light controller.

WINTRAFFY allows you to prepare and simulate the traffic light plans before the installation, to program the intersections, to record and analyse the operating and traffic data.

A modular solution, programming and parameterisation can be done remotely from your office.

Applications and use cases with Traffy City

With the increase in multimodal mobility and the desire for ecological transitions, territories are reviewing their travel policies to better satisfy their citizens. At the heart of Smart Mobility, Traffy City is the traffic light controller that meets all the challenges of the coming years to secure, fluidify and optimize the flow of vehicles and people.


Secure all road users

  • Secure pedestrian crossings: PPS
  • Secure exits from housing estates: crossroads with detection
  • Encourage compliance with the speed limit:
  • Green light reward
  • Intelligent green light


Improve traffic flow

  • Regulate busy roundabouts with traffic lights


Improve public transport services

  • Making public transport more reliable and regular
  • How to manage tramway priority while minimising the impact on other vehicles?

TRAFFY® light controller box


A wide range of aluminium boxes, customisable to the colours of your city, designed and manufactured in France by the Traffic BU of LACROIX – City, are proposed to easily integrate your TRAFFY® controller.