CES 2018 : our new US V2X offer for the US Market


LACROIX City launches at the CES LAS Vegas exhibition its new V2X device dedicated to the US market. This technological device allows communicating gateways and co-operative systems between connected vehicles, autonomous vehicles and road equipment.  
The major challenge of this new technology is to dramatically improve road safety : anticipating danger, flowing traffic, … by allowing  communication and real time information sharing between 2 sets : vehicle to vehicle (V2V), vehicule to road infrastructure (V2I), véhicule to vulnerable road user (pedestrian, cyclist…) (V2P)… combined to the V2X applications.

LACROIX City takes part of this digital revolution to facilitate and speed-up the implementation of autonomous vehicle. 

Connected and autonomous vehicles are major societal challenges and will help to resolve mobility and road safety issues. Thanks to LACROIX City’s Neavia offer, infrastructure and road operators can already get ready to meet these challenges. 

The available equipment : 

- Communicating V2X hotspot 
Neavia V2I Station to provide warnings towards vehicles  and to alert road operators of road incident. 

- Embeded V2X device 
Neavia V2V Unit upgrades a standard vehicle to a connected vehicle capable of spreading and sharing emergency issues. . 

- Monitoring V2X server 
Neavia V2X server allows the monitoring of V2X devices and insures the security of the data sharing. It allows to collect and operate the entire V2X data available on roads.

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