Reykjavik and LACROIX now have a common history. The Icelandic capital, and at the same time the largest city in the country, has equipped itself with a smart public lighting installation thanks to LACROIX products.

Reykjavik, considered as the «greenest city in the world», aims to make certain roads around Lake Raudavatn, which are used by a wide variety of people, safer and more attractive.

The particularity of this site is to be composed of two paths side by side: one for horsemen and the other for pedestrians. The detection and the smart lighting management were then adapted allowing the lighting of the users while preserving the night environment.

The challenges 

  • To detect at strategic places to optimize the lighting of the candelabras on two alleys and to guarantee the safety for all: pedestrians (path notably used for walkers or joggers…) and horsemen (horses are not dazzled).
  • To preserve the environment, nature and especially to guarantee the visibility of the aurora borealis. Indeed, light pollution is a major concern in the Nordic countries, darkness being the first key factor to be able to observe them.
  • Reduce energy consumption on a daily basis.

The solution

In August 2021, based on an LED installation, the city of Reykjavik together with the technical consulting firm EFLA (also one of LACROIX’ official partners in Iceland) and LACROIX’ City teams have equipped 63 light points and one cabinet of the SensyCity and Tegis ecosystems over 1.5 km. These two intelligent lighting solutions are manufactured in France.

The SensyCity devices were chosen for their design, which preserves the aesthetics of the existing masts. This is a real difference for the city of Reykjavik, which is attentive to this style criterion. This argument obviously complements the simplicity of implementation, the intuitive customer interface and the scalability of the detection ecosystem.

A total of 100% of the light points were equipped with SensyCity, with 13 SIR detectors and 53 NOD receivers installed on double masts offering 360° detection. The dimming was also customized according to the different uses: at 20% for the pedestrian paths with 100% boost, and at 50% for the path dedicated to horse riders with 100% boost as well.

At the same time, the city of Rekjavik chose to deploy the TEGIS Lighting Plus 24/7 intelligent management ecosystem, with 63 TNX24 at the Raudavatn lakefront. Positioned at the base of street lights, these communication nodes will enable 24-hour remote management of third-party services in addition to street lighting. Reykjavik choose these new services for a lot of different uses : smartphone charging, electric scooters or bycicles charging and in the future connecting surveillance camera and weather stations. TEGIS measures electricity consumption instantaneously and sends the data to the associated LX Connect platform. This solution allows the public lighting network to be controlled directly and thus to be able to adjust the 2 lighting scenarios implemented (dimming, extinction, etc.).



«These solutions combine safety and the environment. SensyCity strongly limits environmental impacts, respects light pollution and promotes the natural beauty of our landscapes.»

Arsaell Johannsson
Project Manager – Reykjavik Street Lighting The City of Reykjavik