Cyclade Range - Bicycle Directional Signs

Cyclade Range - Bicycle Directional Signs

Directional signs are a very important element in cycling policy; strictly speaking, this is inseparable from cycle infrastructure planning.

Mark out your cycling paths and routes effectively with our CYCLADE signs


Easily Identifiable:

  • Dimensions that conform to cycle directional sign regulations (Dv)
  • Regulated design themes with colours, markings, and national or European logos (e.g. Eurovelologo)


  • Add a caption with a county logo or circuit name
  • Customise the sign faces with markings: route number, logo, etc.
  • Adaptable in a yellow and black version for temporary routes

Robust and Safe:

  • Aluminium design, robust and light material
  • Signs with smooth edges to ensure the safety of users and those installing the signs

Easy to Install:

  • Lateral adjustment of the sign via intermediary notches
  • Can be adapted for the most commonly used standard brackets


  • Covering in aluminium, thickness 1.5mm
  • Single-edged stamped sheeting with rounded corners
  • Sign thickness: 20mm
  • Stamped, curved mounting board or curved rivets (smaller sizes) with oblong holes
  • Notches allow the user to move the sign horizontally on its bracket (for widths > or equal to 600mm)
  • Digitally printed design
  • Lacquered coating for the sign and support from the LACROIX HR colour chart
  • Retro-reflective adhesive film (Class 1, 2, and 3)
  • Mounting:
    • Compatible with all types of brackets and fixtures (SPSD1 galvanised steel brackets, TBC, faceted aluminium masts)
    • Fixtures with H-head screws recommended
    • Requires two fixtures for any size of sign chosen
  • Options:
    • To customise the signs according to different routes, the identifier (route logo, European or national marker) is integrated into the upper part of the sign (Dv12 type)
    • Sign face protected with anti-graffiti film

Product compliant with French standards. For more information on our compliance with other national standards, contact us.


Bicycle directional signs (Dv) also exist in the Lx3® range

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