A complete range of road signs

Panneau de police 50km/h

Lx3®Plus is a complete range of road signs meeting all your needs, with a set of A, AB, B, C, CE, G, J and M1-type signs.

Designed above all with road safety in mind, Lx3 Plus signs are NF and CE certified, offering both durability and performance.

A robust and durable road sign

  • A one-piece design that ensures message durability without separation of elements in case of impact
  • Market-leading performance for resistance to wind pressure and vandalism (WL9 and PL3)
  • Application of an anti-UV film for high sunlight resistance

Quick and easy set-up

  • ¼ turn screws enable quick and easy set-up
  • A lateral adjustment system allows the sign to be offset according to layout constraints
  • Screw heads slide easily into rail groove

Sign is ergonomic and easy to store

  • 100% aluminium design for easy sign handling
  • Easy-grip handle rail
  • Total sign thickness optimised to 22mm to simplify storage

For perfect integration into your environment, the Lx3®Plus sign benefits from smooth curves and a wide choice of lacquer colours.

FOCUS on eco-design

approach QSE

The LACROIX sign has been designed with the aim of reducing the environmental footprint of the product at every stage of its life cycle: from manufacturing to distribution, through to end of life.

Compared to LACROIX’s previous Lx3 range, the Lx3® Plus:

  • Emits 30% less CO2, or the equivalent of 22 km driven in a diesel car
  • Uses 26% less water, or the equivalent of 50 multi-packs of water
  • Requires 30% less electricity, or the equivalent of a 23W LED bulb lit for 100 days

Technical characteristics

  • Double-sided one-piece design – flanged edge
  • Thickness of aluminium sheet: 1.2 mm
  • Thickness of rail panel included: 22mm
  • Retro-reflective film decor available in class 1, class 2 and class 3

Options for perfect integration into your environment

  • Closed back: a premium finish for integration of the sign into the urban environment
  • Anti-Graffiti system: to combat vandalism
  • Colour enhancement: Lacquering of edges and back of signs to match existing graphic conventions +

Product compliant with French standards. For more information on our compliance with other national standards, contact us.

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