Classic-Model Blade Sign

Classic-Model Blade Sign

For informative and directional signs adapted for large dimensions, the signage division offers tailor-made blade signs.

Blade signs offer large display surfaces for your signage needs. Entirely designed in our workshops, our signs are adapted for large formats and made with standard blades in anodised aluminium, with digital printing.



  • High mechanical resistance to atmospheric conditions, according to the EN 12899-1 regulation, thanks to the anodised surfacewith aluminium blades
  • The materials used are 100% recyclable. Throughout the product’s life cycle, from the selection of materials to the reuse or even recycling of the product, the blade signs meet environmental criteria in a context of sustainable development
  • Resistance and reliability guaranteed, the signs’ technical qualities give them a long lifespan

Specialised Industrial Graphic Design

  • Designed with specialised computer programmes that allow you to define the lettering elements (font, position, letter height of the inscription text, etc.) conforming to the technical rules and regulations in force

Simple Installation

  • Intelligent mounting system using anchors on the side of the surround, designed to facilitate mounting and installation on site

Customisation options

  • Possibility to protect the face with a transparent anti-graffiti/anti-UV film and to lacquer the front side of the sign with shades from the High Resistance or Premium colour chart
  • Enhance the sign’s visibility in dangerous zones by integrating two 200mm Vegas lights to the sign
  • Customise with logos, crests and maps



  • Aluminium 150 or 300mm blade design, assembled by interlocking
  • The connection to the outside of the signboards is guaranteed by a bolted aluminium border
  • Rounded corner piece in ABS-PC to prevent any risk of injury


  • Sign background in white, green, blue or brown
  • Retro-reflective film


  • With mounting nuts made of “I” aluminium
  • On a mast with collar
  • On an Mx4© passive safety bracket
  • On gantries, mast arms, high poles/masts

Product compliant with French standards. For more information on our compliance with other national standards, contact us.

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