Tourist Signs

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Tourist signs bring real value to your cultural and tourist heritage. Whether they mark out an itinerary or provide information about a cultural event, they are easily identifiable by road users.

Based on a photograph, we draw an illustration to create your design and adapt the treatment with a simple retouch for a complete graphic reinterpretation.


H10 Cultural and Tourist Event Signs:

  • For installation on motorways, dual carriageways and grade-separated junctions. The signs provides information about general-interest and regular cultural and tourist events.

H20 Tourist Itinerary Roadmarking Signs:

  • AAdapted for the road network, they indicate and pinpoint tourist itineraries.

H30 Cultural and Tourist Information Signs:

  • Adapted for the road network, they provide general-interest and regular cultural and tourist information.



  • Both square and rectangular, dark brown, white labelling or inscription, white and brown graphics


  • Information sign surfaces depending on the road type


  • On hard shoulders, central reservations and clearances (SD1, SD2, SD3)


  • On an Mx4 mast
  • On an aluminium “I” with mounting nut
  • On a mast with collars

For optimal safety in your design planning, choose the Mx4 passive safety mast.

Product compliant with French standards. For more information on our compliance with other national standards, contact us.

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