LIBERTY Shape-Memory Bollard

LIBERTY Shape-Memory Bollard

Simple to install and easy to maintain, the Liberty urban bollard makes your pedestrianised spaces safer and helps combat unauthorised parking. These shape-memory bollards allow you to preserve your pathways and limit damage caused by vehicles.


  • Resistant to light impacts from vehicles and returns to its original shape
  • Retains its original colour; never rusts even if scuffed or impacted
  • Simple and quick installation in its connector board version
  • No risk of damage to the roadway or structure in the event of impact
  • Smoothed for persons with visual impairment


  • Monoblock bollard in High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE: rigid), Ø 90 mm
  • Two base options: pre-drilled base or with right-hand foot
  • Colour customisation
  • Four or five aesthetics for the bollard head
  • Protection: the rotationally moulded PE structure is tinted and anti-UV treated, guaranteeing high resistance to shocks and external aggression
  • Mounting:
    • On connector board with three anchor points (three dowel mounting and detachable connector board fixture options)
    • By direct stamping or on frame cover

Product compliant with French standards. For more information on our compliance with other national standards, contact us.

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