MEMORY Shape-Memory Bollard

MEMORY Shape-Memory Bollard

The Memory bollards have excellent shape-memory properties. Designed from polyurethane, they return to their original shape after being completely crushed by a passing lorry.

Thanks to their bi-component elastomer structure, the Memory bollards are both solid and flexible at the same time: roadways and vehicles are thus preserved in the event of impact. The bollards can be installed in busy areas, especially in accident-prone zones (roundabouts, dangerous corners).


  • Ultra-rigid with excellent shape memory: designed from polyurethane, they are resistant to impacts and torsion and do not damage the roadway. The bollard returns to its initial shape, even after being totally crushed by a passing lorry.
  • Delicate Finish: lacquer coated with colours from the LACROIX HR* colour chart for a consistent look with your stock of metallic products
  • Accessibility: different heights available, white head option for persons with reduced mobility or additional contrast collar allowing you to design planning options that are compatible with PRM accessibility requirements


  • Bollard made from bi-component elastomer (polyurethane) with excellent shape memory
  • Right-hand foot with collar at the base
  • Two-layer lacquer with polyester resin base from the LACROIX HR colour chart
  • Anti-UV treated
  • Resistant to impacts, torsion and external aggression
  • Mounting System: stamping or on detachable frame cover (optional)

Product compliant with French standards. For more information on our compliance with other national standards, contact us.

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